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Citizens Art Festival: art workshops @ Blue House Yard

As part of our first arts festival from 7-10th April, 2022, we are providing a range of free art workshops to the public, taking place within the iconic Blue House Yard in Wood Green, north London.

The workshops will take place on Thursday 7th, Friday 8th and Saturday 9th April, and will be based within the yard area at Blue House Yard, where our #bhyartmarket events have been taking place since August 2020. The workshops will utilise our gazebos and trestle tables.

We are now looking for artists and/or art/creativity workshop tutors to submit proposals to run workshops and we will then build a programme of exciting, fun and educational workshops over the three days.

If you would like to submit a proposal, please read the terms and conditions and then complete the form below.


Apply to host a workshop at the Citizens Art Festival

Upload photographs of previous workshops and examples of the theme of the workshop.


Please ensure your photos are a good representation of your work as this will be a key factor in approving applications and images will also be used to promote you/your work and workshops.


By submitting these images you grant consent for Citizens Art Market to use them in marketing and promotion.

Upload image 1
Upload image 2
Upload image 3
Upload image 4

Thanks for submitting - we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Workshops can be aimed at adults only or families - we are aiming to programme a mix of workshops for different audiences, and welcome proposals for both audiences

2. Workshops must be suitable for an outdoor environment, held within a set of four 3x3m gazebos, which will be organised in a row within the yard area at Blue House Yard (in the same format as the monthly art markets, for those that have attended these)

3. Mains power could be made available, if necessary. Please submit full information about your activity and requirements

4. Running water and toilets are available on site for artists and participants

5. We are looking for proposals that can provide a high-quality experience for multiple attendees (no less than 10 per workshop)

6. Workshop proposals fees must include all costs

7. Artists/workshop tutors will be invited to invoice us for the cost of materials in advance of the workshops (providing full details) so that you are not out of pocket, and invoice us following delivery of workshops for the balance of the agreed fee

8. Workshops are being funded through income generated by the festival along with the kind support of Haringey Council and sponsors

9. Artists/tutors must have appropriate insurances in place and be prepared to share insurance cover information with the organisers


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