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Citizens Artists

In no particular order...

You'll find below a tiny selection of some of the artists that make Citizens Art London events so memorable. From illustrators to photographers, figurative painters to abstract digital artists, and everything in between, our events are so popular because of the mix of artists, styles and personalities behind the artwork.

Links to artists social media platforms are provided.


Edward Quigley

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Edward is a multi-disciplinary visual artist (and photographer) based from his studio at Blue House Yard, in Wood Green, N22. Edward's practice is currently driven by experimentation and play.


Edward is also the Founder of Citizens Art London. You can find out more about Edward here.


Emmanuelle Orr

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Emmanuelle Orr is a French printmaker based in London. She uses various printmaking techniques, such as screen-printing, risograph printing and cyanotypes. Her practice focuses on bodies and places, with works exploring themes of connection and solitude, and often showing solitary performers or deserted urban landscapes in colourful and lively prints.


Emmanuelle Orr.jpg
Sam Griffiths.jpg

Elise Mendelle

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Elise Mendelle aims at visually describing a thought, feeling or emotion so the viewer can explore and anticipate what comes next. Her popular social distancing series is a contemporary commentary that captures our new normal, when two metres apart is the way we can safely interact. They have been especially resonant at Citizens Art London events with many customers picking up two or three prints at one time.


Liz Whiteman Smith_Courting booby couple

Will Butcher

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My name is William Butcher, I am an illustrator, painter and framer. I use the natural and mystical world as my main source for my work, bouncing between mediums such as acrylic in my abstract pieces and ink for my illustrations.


Sam Griffiths

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I’m Sam Griffiths (AKA Griffics). I want to make the world a more playful place because life is so much better that way. I aim to do that through my artwork, products, activities and workshops – they are playful in themselves but more importantly, they give people permission to play.


Elise Mendelle.jpg

Liz Whiteman Smith

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Liz Whiteman Smith makes limited edition multi layered colourful screen prints to make people smile, she loves seeing the reaction of people looking at her playful dinosaurs or colourful blue footed boobies. She also makes intricate prints of London buildings, reflecting her fascination with the ever-evolving layers of the cityscape.

Will Butcher.heif

Beata Ferrarese

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Beata Ferrarese is a self-taught Abstract/Mixed Media artist, born in Poland and currently leaving in London U.K  Her creative inspiration was awoken while working with clients as a Experiential Counsellor where she discovered that many of her clients communicated their fears through art and objects much better then through verbal communication. Overtime she evolved as an artist and experimented with different techniques and materials that allow her to capture the depth of her expressive art.

Meera Palia

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I am an abstract expressionist painter and collage artist based in North London. I make spontaneous, playful, gestural and experimental work, evolving from the colours, textures, marks and moods of the moment. Each piece is unplanned and approached as fresh improvisation, aiming for the painting equivalent of a jazz jam.



Hilary Kidd

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My artwork is abstract, containing elements of natural and geometric forms. I am fascinated by everyday objects, and experiment with them in printmaking, collage, and photography. I like pattern, texture, colour, grid forms, rhythm, and line. I have exhibited work in several group exhibitions, art markets, and open studios.

Jessie Knowles

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I create artworks utterly inspired by nature, ranging from a Stag spotted in Richmond, to botanical illustrations, to landscape paintings. I love to use colour expressively and my chosen medium is whatever allows the freedom of movement - whether that be vibrant watercolours or a single flowing ink nib.


Tipperley Hill.jpg

Susan Tye

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I am a North London based artist working mostly in acrylics and watercolour.  I like line and colour. During lockdown I have found hope by looking at the beauty, light and movement in the world. I hope people will feel that hope themselves when they look at my artwork. 

Clare Wener.jpg
Jessie Knowles.jpg


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Tipperleyhill are two artists, Abi and Roz who work together on every piece to create florals, landscapes and quirky animal illustrations. They are passionate about colour and how powerful it can be to lift your mood and create a happy environment.

Susan Tye.jpg

Clare Wener

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After a break from painting lasting more than ten years, the first Covid Lockdown saw me pick up a paint brush again and I’m loving it! 


Alcohol inks are also notoriously hard to control and I enjoy not knowing exactly how a piece will turn out.

Maria Calla

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I'm an artist based in north London. I like to create artwork and express myself using different materials ( ink on paper, gold leaves, watercolour, acrylic, charcoal) with the purpose of producing dreamlike and symbolic artwork

Maria Calla.jpg
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